[b-greek] Re: Greek or Hebrew?

From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (jgibson000@home.com)
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 20:49:27 EDT

Steve Puluka wrote:

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> From: "Glen L Naftaniel" <glensmail@juno.com>
> > I recently received a letter from someone claiming that the New
> > Testament was written in Hebrew. I had never heard such a thing before.
> > I am wondering if anyone here could provide any insight. If anyone knows
> > where this idea comes from or if it has any merit please let me know.
> Glen,
> There are patristic references to the Gospel of Mark being a Hebrew Gospel.
> The references are not clear as to which direction the translation would
> have been. I don't have the reference handy, but if you are interested I
> can dig it out over the next week.

It is Papias as quoted by Eusebius in his celebrated History of the Church
(3.39.14-16)-- and it's about **GMatthew**, not GMark. Moreover, there is great
debate about whether Papias' statement that Matthew "compiled/collected/ordered" the
LOGIA of the Lord in the hEBRADI DIALAKTIKOS (quoting Greek from memory here) is a
statement about the language of composition -- and if so whether he meant Aramaic and
not Hebrew -- or the **style** in which GMatthew was composed (orderly vs. disorderly.
There's a good discussion of all of this in R.T. France's _Matthew: Evangelist and


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