[b-greek] Re: Luke and Acts

From: Karen Spray (karen.spray@lineone.net)
Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 05:57:42 EDT

> Why were Luke and Acts written on 2 separate scrolls?
> Craig Jackson, Student, Ellettsville, IN
Without having any specialist knowledge at all, I would guess that a) he
finished one and sent it off before writing the other one and b) there is a
practical size limit to a scroll, after which it becomes unwieldy. Luke's
Gospel is on the long side anyway - I have heard it suggested that that is
why the ending seems a bit skimped compared with his usual talent for
description. Maybe he didn't even think of writing a sequel until he
realised that he still had a lot more to say than could be fitted on a
useable scroll.

And once the Gospel was in circulation, it would tend to be treated
alongside other scrolls on the same subject; ie other Gospels, rather than
paired with its rather different sequel. Once Christians started using the
codex (book) form rather than the scroll form, the gospels could be bound
conveniently together.

Love, Karen [Spray]

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