[b-greek] Re: NT Greek on-line/CD-ROM Audio Course

From: Michael Haggett (michaelhaggett@lineone.net)
Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 07:12:56 EDT

Adrian Warnock wrote (22 April):

>have visited both sites the nt-greek one doesnt work at all and the lineone
one looks great but in the upload the links to the real audio files have
changed so we cant hear them! Good luck in sorting this out!

Thanks for the comments. The US server hosting www.nt-greek.com
was down all day yesterday (Saturday) for maintenance but is now (I just
checked) working again.

With regard to RealPlayer, the link I gave:


is still correct, but the link on that page to "REALPLAYER 8 BASIC" is no
longer at the BOTTOM left, but the MIDDLE left of the page in small blue
print. RealPlayer DO make it extraordinarily difficult to find their basic
player and move things about on a regular basis, probably hoping that you
will give up trying to find it and spend money on the more expensive
version. The more expensive version has lots of "bells and whistles", but
doesn't improve the QUALITY of the sound at all.

I hope this helps any of you that have had difficulties.

Michael Haggett

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