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> In Louw-Nida among the meanings of both are 'house, family,
> property'. Similarly in BDAG both are considered as the structure
> used as a dwelling (house) and the social unit within a dwelling
> (family). However more extensive information is included for
> OIKOS, such as a whole clan (descendants) and the house and
> what is in it (property).
> Do both OIKOS and OIKIA mean the same? Are there subtle
> differences? Is the use of either more appropriate in certain
> circumstances?
Yes, and this brings up another point concerning the semantic range of oikos
and its construction in Acts: KAT' OIKON. If the author meant that they
met in a home to break bread, wouldn't it make more sense to say EN OIKW?
If not to say, EN OIKOIS? (1 Cor. 11.34 but 1 Tim 3.15). Is it possible
that the early church met according to oikos (meaning family units,
including extended family and their network of relationships) than the
location or the structure in which they met? This may relate to Robert
McDole's comments on form and function as well.

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