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Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 20:58:00 EDT

In a message dated 4/29/01 7:38:49 PM, jagehman@cantv.net writes:

>Yes, and this brings up another point concerning the semantic range of
>and its construction in Acts: KAT' OIKON. If the author meant that they
>met in a home to break bread, wouldn't it make more sense to say EN OIKW?
>If not to say, EN OIKOIS? (1 Cor. 11.34 but 1 Tim 3.15). Is it possible
>that the early church met according to oikos (meaning family units,
>including extended family and their network of relationships) than the
>location or the structure in which they met? This may relate to Robert
>McDole's comments on form and function as well.
EN OIKWi would be to say "in a house," location. The best way in Greek to say
in Greek that they broke bread "from house to house," i.e. in each house is
KAT' OIKON. This the distributive function of the prep. KATA used with the
accusative. It occurs several times in Acts with this meaning. It is also
used with the names of individuals to mean that the church met in their
house, such as Aquila and Presca and clearly means the church in their house.
This is still the distributive use of the phrase.

It seems to me that I read somewhere that the earliest mention of a building
used exclusively as a meeting place for a church is near the end of the
second century. It may have been associated with Miletus. I need to look that
up, but that aspect of this discussion is a bit afield. However, it is clear
that KAT' OIKON can refer to the church meeting in a private home.

Czarlton Winbery
LA College

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