[b-greek] Greek Literary Styles

From: Ed Garcia (Ed.Garcia@FHLBTopeka.com)
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 12:47:54 EDT

A group of friends and I have, for the past several years, been meeting
weekly to read Koine Greek. Aside from the NT we have also read from
Josephus, Philo, the Septuagint, some Apostolic Fathers and various other
documents in Koine.
Here is the question, one of our members wonders if there is such a thing as
an "Alexandrian" style of Koine. By Alexandrian he means a smoother, more
polished almost oratorical Koine than one finds in the NT or in say some of
the early fathers (actually, we think we may have detected such Greek in the
opening lines of the book of Hebrews.) He thinks he remembers hearing about
something like this but isn't quite sure. Is anyone familiar with such a
thing? I realize that this list typically deals with questions of grammar
and syntax but I hoped that perhaps someone might have a thought on the
subject - recommended reading would also be welcome. Thanks.

Edward Garcia

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