[b-greek] Re: Fw: Learning Greek, how far

From: Ted Mann (theomann@earthlink.net)
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 12:46:32 EDT

>....it's definitely important to learn how to recite the language properly
with pronunciation, cadence, inflection and all the rest, but I >don't know
of any Shakespearean actor or critic today who works at constructing
original dialogs in this form of English. I >wonder if this was what Ted
meant by learning to "speak" NT Greek?
> Dave Washburn

Ryan Green's comment was, "I have a strong interest in learning to read and
write (and possibly speak, though that is personally less important) New
Testament Greek." I perhaps mistakenly took that to mean he is considering
learning how to construct original sentences in that language, so as to
express himself "conversationally." Does anyone think that learning how to
do this might enhance one's grasp of the language? It is of course
important to learn how to "recite the language properly with pronunciation,
cadence, inflection..."


Ted Mann

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