[b-greek] Re: Fw: Learning Greek, how far

From: L. J. Swain (larry.swain@wmich.edu)
Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 11:15:53 EDT

I made some comments yesterday re: learning to speak koine (perhaps they only went
to Randall) that were somewhat on the down side of learning to speak the language.
On the other hand, there used to be MU* at Pennsylvania for Latinists, I don't know
if it is still in operation, I hope so. Anyway, the point was to brush up your
Latin skills by writing only in Latin while in the "game". It was indeed a very
useful tool, though difficult at first. And perhaps Carl could suggest a tool for
Greek composition that is analogous to Bradley's Arnold Latin Composition, I
frankly don't know of anything. Anyway, my point is simply this, that composition
and speaking are excellent ways to learn a language, even a dead one. But in the
case of a dead language that we know about basically through WRITTEN remains we
must always bear in mind that our compositions, oral or written, are artificial
exercises. Useful to learn and think in the language, but not "real" Greek, and
perhaps this is where our differences of opinions lie, in not keeping this


Larry Swain

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