[b-greek] Re: Learning New Testament Greek the easy way

From: Harry W. Jones (hjbluebird@aol.com)
Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 13:20:15 EDT

Dear B-Greekers,

 For those who would like to learn learn New Testament Greek but
thought that it might be too hard, I would like offer the following

I'm studying New Testment Greek using,
"An Introductory Grammer of New Testament Greek" by Paul L. Kaufman.
Now by ignoring accents and not trying to memorizing everything
I'm moving right along. In others words, I take notes and look up
what I need to know to work the exercises. What this does for me is
let me learn the grammer without memorizing all the words,declinations
or conjugations. Of course, I can start memorizing at any time I want
or I can continue to wait. I automatical remember some Greek
words that I repeatly use. Now I might mention that Paul Kaufman's
book is exceptional for self study. But Summers or Machen should work
too. I might add the method I'm using is not for seminary students.
They will just have to suffer. Sorry.

Harry W. Jones

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