[b-greek] Acts 2:38

From: Wayne Leman (Wayne_Leman@SIL.ORG)
Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 18:41:48 EDT

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From: "Ted Mann" <theomann@earthlink.net>

> Is it entirely unreasonable to translate this as: "Repent... and be
> baptized... into [i.e., into the condition of] the forgiveness of

Wouldn't that require an EN, Ted?

And then, unfortunately, this ordinary English speaker (me) can't understand
that wording any better than the others suggested here on the list. I want
to be able to understand the meaning of the Greek phrasing from an
appropriate English translation. It is supposed to be possible, according to
translation theory.

Thanks for your suggestion,
Wayne Leman
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