[b-greek] Phil 2:10 Subjunctive= certainty or uncertainty

From: virgilsalvage1 (virgilsalvage1@msn.com)
Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 20:34:02 EDT

To all,

    There is no doubt that the subjunctive mood speaks of uncertainty. There
is strong indication that in many contexts it, in fact is referring to
something that in a number of different degrees is quite probable to occur.
I think that what is missing in our discussion of the subjunctive mood is
the focus to: What is it that has to be...or what condition or conditions
have to be met in order for the uncertainty to be taken out of the way so
that "something," can become that which we can speak to using the indicative
mood. So we can exclaim, " it has happened !

    I was suprised and intrigued when one time as I was reading John 14: 3,
I noticed that Jesus said, " KAI EAN POREUQW KAI ETOIMASW." He presented His
going and preparing as a possibility subject to uncertainty by using the
subjunctive. However, I think we will miss the point of the uncertainty by
1.) asking, may he not have done it ? or..2.) by saying, well it was
absolutely for sure that it was going to happen, of course! Rather I think
the subjunctive mood's bringing out uncertainty, points to the fact that
there are "certain" things that have to come about in particular ways in
order for the uncertainty of what's proposed to result in accomplished task.

   I think a way to express the subjunctive mood may be sometimes to say, "
It may happen, it may not...all depends !"

Virgil Newkirk

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