[b-greek] Phil 4:8

From: Brian (brian@discoveryhills.org)
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 19:14:57 EDT

    In Phil 4:8 there is a six fold repetition of OSA, culminating in the
two fold IE TIS.

Having worked through BAGD, Louw & Nida, etc..., I am wondering at the
legitimacy of translating these, "as many as are true, as many as are
honorable, as many as are pure... Regard such as these!"

It appears to be valid to see the referent of OSA to be virtuous people,
instead of virtues thoughts, am I missing something? Are there ample
precedents? Is the list of virtues assumed convention, ignoring the
occasion of the letter, or is it better translation of the grammar?

Thanks in advance,
Brian P. Swedburg

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