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From: SPegler919@aol.com
Date: Sun Jun 03 2001 - 21:09:06 EDT

<HTML><FONT FACE=arial,helvetica><FONT SIZE=2>Last year I used Mounce. &nbsp;It is very thorough, too much so for first year
<BR>students, in my opinion. &nbsp;It also relies too much on the NT for translation. &nbsp;
<BR>This coming year I will be using _A Primer of Biblical Greek_ by Clayton
<BR>Croy. &nbsp;It is published by Eerdmans. &nbsp;He teaches at Trinity Lutheran in
<BR>Columbus, OH. &nbsp;He has many more translation exercises. &nbsp;Some are from the NT,
<BR>some from the LXX, and others are English to Greek. &nbsp;That in my opinion, is
<BR>what will turn a mediocre student into someone who begins to get a feel for
<BR>the language.
<BR>I have also used Machen, and Mills. &nbsp;They have many of the same advantages as
<BR>Croy's book.
<BR>Another of last year's instructors loved Mounce, however. &nbsp;A lot is what you,
<BR>as the instructor, feel comfortable with and your style of teaching.
<BR>On a related note, I have many *boring* grammar exercises for Greek on one of
<BR>my web pages. &nbsp;These are exercises that are designed to get the students
<BR>practicing the endings of nouns and verbs, rather than translating.
<BR>For example:
<BR>Change the following verbs from present tense to aorist, retaining person and
<BR>Change the following verbs from singular to plural, retaining person.
<BR>They are all in pdf format. &nbsp;If you use them, please let me know as you find
<BR>errors. &nbsp;Each exercise is complete, but I do not have all the exercises I
<BR>want to have done yet. &nbsp;I hope to add a lot more before the beginning of
<BR>August, and certainly before the beginning of the fall semester.
<BR>Stephen Pegler &nbsp;&nbsp;AC 75-77
<BR>Ph.D. Candidate New Testament
<BR>Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
<BR>Bannockburn, IL

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