[b-greek] Re: MK 14:41 APECEI

From: Iver Larsen (iver_larsen@sil.org)
Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 15:15:53 EDT

> My own sense is that this is an idiomatic usage of APECEI in the sense,
> "it's far enough" = "it's okay." In English we may say, "so far, so good."
> In German I think it's something like "es ist so weit" (but I'm not really
> quite sure that's right.)
> Louw & Nida
> 59.47 APECW: to mark the point at which the duration of a state or process
> is enough - 'to be enough, to be sufficient.' KAQEUDETE TO LOIPON KAI
> ANAPAUESQE: APECEI 'are you still sleeping and resting? Enough!' Mk 14:41.
> In a number of languages the equivalent of 'enough!' would be 'that is the
> end' or 'you must stop sleeping now.'
It is worth noting that BAGD suggests with hesitation the sense "the account is closed". I
am doubtful that the word should be linked primarily to the sleeping as the final
suggestion in L & N indicates. It seems more likely to me that the hour of decision in
Gethsemane is now over for Jesus and a new act in the drama opens with the betrayer
already on his way. Based on the following words (the hour has come) my feeling is more
like "jacta est alea" - It is settled, there is no turning back. Let us go forward and
face it.

My thoughts,
Iver Larsen

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