[b-greek] ENOUGH ALREADY! Re: Luke 23:43

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 15:17:05 EDT

At 9:57 AM -0700 6/5/01, Dave Washburn wrote:
>> In a message dated 06/05/2001 7:50:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
>> dwashbur@nyx.net writes:
>> << I have looked at it in the facsimile and it's correct that there is a
>> brown dot there, but
>> I would term it "of unknown origin". It is most probably only a blot.
>> There is no extra
>> space between the letters which one would expect if this is a
>> comma. I
>> would not base
>> anything on this. >>
>> I am sorry, but I beg to differ. I have a copy of the text right in front of
>> me, and it is very clearly NOT a "blot." It is a well-placed point just like
>> other marks in B. The spacing is not tight, but free and deliberate.
>> Anyone who wants to check it for his- or herself can and should request
>> through interlibrary loan the microfilm from the Ancient Biblical Manuscript
>> Center, in Claremont. Leaning on my opinion or someone else's, like this
>> fellow from TC, would be a mistake. Look at the microfilm and draw your own
>> *informed* conclusion. I think you will see quite plainly that the dot is no
>> blot at all, is not faded at all, and is from the original hand.
>Considering that he has done just that, and is much more familiar
>with the characteristics of this and hundreds of other manuscripts
>than the rest of us are - in addition to the fact that he has no
>theological stake in it one way or the other - I'd be much more
>inclined to take his word. YMMV.

Please let's call a halt to this now! Positions have been taken and argued
for and now we're arguing (so it appears to me) over what the MS itself
actually indicates; authority is being pitted against authority, and the
unspoken assumption of the last paragraph above would seem to be that if
one disagrees with the opinion of a supposedly trustworthy expert, it must
be because one has a theological agenda. Whether that may or may not be
true is beside the point: it is unacceptable in terms of B-Greek list

I'm asking this thread on Luke 23:43 under any subject-header employed
hitherto or to be devised be stopped immediately--rebuttals especially

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