[b-greek] Re: Romans 4:1

From: c stirling bartholomew (cc.constantine@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 01:19:01 EDT

on 6/7/01 9:51 PM, c stirling bartholomew wrote:

> C.E.B. Cranfield accepts the NA/UBS reading but he attaches KATA SARKA with
> hHMWN not TON PROPATORA. Cranfield's analysis really left me dumbfounded. I
> just don't get it. I would make both hHMWN and KATA SARKA limiting
> constituents attached to TON PROPATORA.

I think there is a better way of viewing this. Lets say that KATA SARKA
limits TON PROPATORA hHMWN as a unit, not TON PROPATORA or hHMWN. This may
be what Cranfield is driving at but it isn't what he said.

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