[b-greek] The long ending of Mark

From: Larry Overton (LGO@larryoverton.com)
Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 23:01:31 EDT

Dear B-Greek ~

I have a question that I know is not appropriate for discussion on B-Greek,
but I don't know where else to turn. I'm hoping for some off-list
direction. I am researching the long ending of the Gospel of Mark, and in
so doing, I've found an online article favoring the long ending (Mark
16:9-20). In this article, the author claims that the writings of the early
Church provide "positive confirmation as to the authenticity of Mark

However, I'm finding claims, but no quotes or citations of sources. This
article cites Burgon and Pulpit Commentary in referring to the writings of
early Christian leaders. I want to read for myself what these early leaders
wrote, and not some commentator's assessment of the evidence of the early

Can anyone help me? Here are the ancient authors alluded to the
above-mentioned article.

(1) "There are some expressions in 'Shepherd of Hermas,' written in all
probability not later than the middle of the 2nd century (i.e., not later
than 150 A.D.), which are evidently taken from Mark 16:16." Does anyone
know where to find the information alluded to in this reference? Where in
the 'Shepherd of Hermas' is there a phrase that is evidently taken from Mark

(2) "'These words are alluded to in several passages by Justin Martyr (A.D.
160) ..' - Pulpit Commentary, page 349, on Mark 16:20." Where are the
"several passages by Justin Martyr" that allude to Mark 16:20?

(3) "'Hippolytus, Bishop of Portus, near Rome (190 to 227), a contemporary
of Irenaeus, quotes the 17th and 18th verses ...' - Page 24, J. W. Burgon,
B.D., in his book on the last 12 verses of Mark's Gospel." In which of his
writings does Hippolytus quote Mark 16:17-18?

(4) "Vincentius Bishop of Thibari, near Carthage, at the seventh council of
Carthage, held in the year A.D. 256 quoted Mark 16:17-18, in the presence of
87 African Bishops. This information is given on page 25 of Burgon's book."
And what is the source for this Vincentius at the seventh council of
Carthage quoting Mark 16:17-18?

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give.


Larry G. Overton

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