[b-greek] Re: The long ending of Mark

From: Stephen C. Carlson (scarlson@mindspring.com)
Date: Sun Jun 17 2001 - 08:54:27 EDT

At 06:59 AM 6/17/01 EDT, Hector3001@aol.com wrote:
>Heinz: Textual matters have probably been surfacing here (and elsewhere, like
>B-Translation) due to the fact that the TC-List has been quiet for about 9
>months with little or no activity. Perhaps someone knows of another list that
>discusses textual criticism?

On the contrary, the TC-List has indeed been active in the
last nine months, with well over 200 messages in the past two
months alone. I think that the factual basis for the quoted
remark comes from an inspection of the misleading Yahoo Groups
archives, which has not saved a message in the past nine months
due to technical problems in the interaction of the Lyris list
software and Yahoo Groups.

Stephen Carlson
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