[b-greek] Re: The long ending of Mark

From: Dave Washburn (dwashbur@nyx.net)
Date: Sun Jun 17 2001 - 09:50:54 EDT

> At 06:59 AM 6/17/01 EDT, Hector3001@aol.com wrote:
> >Heinz: Textual matters have probably been surfacing here (and elsewhere, like
> >B-Translation) due to the fact that the TC-List has been quiet for about 9
> >months with little or no activity. Perhaps someone knows of another list that
> >discusses textual criticism?
> On the contrary, the TC-List has indeed been active in the
> last nine months, with well over 200 messages in the past two
> months alone.

Correct. Stephen Carlson and I are both active participants on the
list (he more active than I lately) and it is definitely alive and well.
Full info on it can be found at
This is where the list is actually hosted, and there is info about
subscribing and accessing the archives at this location.

Dave Washburn
"You just keep thinking, Butch. That's what you're good at."

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