From: Cal and Heather Redmond (redmond@i-manila.com.ph)
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 20:10:12 EDT

   Dear Colleagues,

   I am attempting to locate a book for which I have only very
   incomplete bibliographic information.

   I have on a scribbled piece of paper from the early 1990's
   a reference to a book, perhaps published privately, by "Lexus,"
   along with a reference to University of Texas-Austin.

   My recollection is that this book attempted to teach Greek through
   the use of many mnemonic aids and devices.

   If anyone has information about this, please e-mail me at

   Thank you!

   Cal Redmond, Ph. D.
   Professor of NT
   International School of Theology-Asia
   Manila, The Philippines

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