[b-greek] Re: ALLOS in the Apocalypse

From: Ken Flowers (kflowers@mc.com)
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 09:47:06 EDT

ALLOS is one of the many devices used in Revelation to show a scene
change. It is often used in conjunction with two of the other common
ones: The use of KAI and the use of the phrases "I saw" or "I heard" and

Its use could in some places be taken as suggesting a different type of
something, but that would be a stretch in most cases. I don't see any
reason from the text to suggest that it would generally imply a different
type of a thing. Simply taking it as "another" seems to satisfy the context.

Rev 6:4: ALLOS horse
Rev 7:2: KAI I saw ALLOS angel
Rev 8:3: This case does seem to set the angel apart from the seven in 8:2,
but still "another" is just as effective as "a different type."
Rev 10:1: KAI I saw ALLOS mighty angel. In this case, the angel is
clearly of a different type than the others, but it seems like the word
mighty implies that without the need for expanding our understanding of ALLOS.
Rev 12:3: KAI their appeared ALLOS wonder
Rev 13:11: KAI I beheld ALLOS beast
Rev 14:6: KAI I saw ALLOS angel
Rev 14:8: KAI there followed ALLOS angel
Rev 14:15: KAI ALLOS angel came (and 14:17, 14:18)
Rev 15:1: KAI I saw ALLOS sign
Rev 16:7: KAI I heard ALLOS out of the altar. (This is a case where the a
strong argument for the use of ALLOS as a "different type" can be made.)
Rev 18:1: KAI after these things I saw ALLOS angel
Rev 18:4: KAI I heard ALLOS voice
Rev 20:12: KAI ALLOS book (A case could be made here)

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