[b-greek] Verbal Data in N.T.

From: Brian (brian@discoveryhills.org)
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 14:41:01 EDT

    I am taking a Greek exegesis course in Philippians independently this
summer, and will be gathering and analyzing verbal data in particular.

This is a bit of an open ended venture, purposely lacking a hypothesis such
as "Paul's use of the subjunctive in Philippians demonstrates...". Rather,
I am amassing the data concerning, tense, mood, # of occurrences, etc... In
order to begin asking questions about their contribution or use in the
discourse of Philippians.

SO, I would appreciate any suggestions you have for questions I might ask of
"the verbal data", any resources that deal with statistics of
frequency/usage of the aorist in N.T. Epistles, or epistlatory literature in
the fist centuries, a resource that deals with Paul's use of participles or
infinitives, etc...etc...

You need not comment on the worth of my adventure as I am very willing to
let the fruit of the adventure tell me if it proved worthwhile or not.

Thanks in advance,
Brian P. Swedburg

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