[b-greek] Re: Lk 12:21

From: boyd@pcpartner.net
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 04:25:07 EDT


Richard Smith wrote:
<The NRSV translates as follows: "So it is with those who store up
for themselves but are not rich toward God."

The NRSV has "being rich toward God." This translates EIS in
accordance with the 8 case function system, but the translation
leaves me confused about what is intended.


Might the prepositional phrase be interpreted, rather as conveying
direction to God, as conveying the means of enrichment? It would
then be translated as "not becoming rich by God." This would
imply that life from God and its sustenance is received from a
relationship with God, in contrast to one who enriches himself.

These considerations would translate verse 20 as follows:

"Thus the one storing treasures for himself and not becoming rich
by God (will lose his life).">

BDAG does say that EIS can be used to express instrumentality
(# 9), but I don't think that's the most natural way to understand the
preposition here. I think BDAG's # 5, "marker of a specific point of
reference, for, to, with respect to" fits better, giving the sense, "not
rich with respect to God." Jesus denounced PLEONEXIA (v. 15),
which is a focus on one's own things (BDAG, "the state of desiring
to have more than one's due"). The point is that the rich man never
even considered God in all of his plans. Thus he may have stored
up many things, but with respect to God he was a pauper.

Jonathan Boyd
Huxley, IA

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