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I think that it is appropriate to at least identify the source of the
questions in the document as Wayne Grudum, "An Open Letter to Egalitarians",
Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (March 1998):1, 3-4.

Eventually I expect to do my own hopefully extensive study of the
grammatical/linguistic/cultural/logical/presuppositional issues surrounding
the questions, but my focus is elsewhere for now.

Meanwhile, let me recommend eds. James R. Beck and Craig L. Blomberg, Two
Views on Women in Ministry, Zondervan, 2001. The book contains contributions
by two egalitarians (Craig Keener and Linda Belleville) and two
traditionalists/complementarians (Thomas Scheiner and Ann Bowman). Linda L.
Belleville interacts with the six questions in pp. 130-139.

Cindy Westfall
Assistant Professor
Colorado Christian University

P.S. I am using AOL 5.0 for this post. I assume that all is well?

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 Recently I received an e-mail from my Pastor asking me to comment on an
 "open letter" he received from a well-known and well-respected leader
 both within and without our denomination. This "open letter" poses six
 questions/challenges to the Egalitarian position. In this case an
 "Egalitarian" is one who believes that the Bible can be interpreted to
 teach that men and women have equal authority to lead and teach in the
 Now I know some of you are thinking that I am about to instigate a
 theological debate. Truly I am not!
 Five of the six questions concern Greek grammar and lexicography. I am
 inviting discussion on matters grammatical and lexical only. Because of
 the length of the letter I have appended my abreviated version of it to
 this post. The five questions/challenges center around the five (six)
 Greek words in the subject of field of this post.
 You may contact me off-list if you wish to make theological comments or
 if you would like the complete text of the "open letter." >>

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