[b-greek] RE: Three quick questions

From: myron kauk (myronkauk@iolky.com)
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 00:23:59 EDT

On the subject of learning Greek and Hebrew together:

        I often have students who try to take their first year of Greek then
start their first year of Hebrew while doing their second year of Greek. I
find this to be a bad mix. First year Greek is generally concerned with
grammatical forms and these are relatively easy to master. The big hurdle

in Greek IMO is syntax, which is usually the focus of the second year. By
contrast, the biggest hurdle in Hebrew is morphology. If a student can get
past that the rest is down hill. But morphology hits you right up front in
the first semester. So those students who are taking third semester Greek
and first semester Hebrew are in for trouble. I advise my students to
either start both languages together or start their Hebrew first if they
intend to stagger them. Third semester Hebrew with first semester Greek is
not nearly so bad. Hopr this helps.

Grace be with you,

Myron C. Kauk

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