[b-greek] Re: Alpha to Eta?

From: B. Ward Powers (bwpowers@optusnet.com.au)
Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 02:01:08 EDT

B-greekers all,

At 07:41 PM 010812 -0400, Barry Hickey wrote:
> Carl,
> Thank you for the timely response. I truly appreciate the existence of a
>resource like b-greek. May I inquire as to which beginning grammars might
>best detail such morphological changes?
>Thank You,
> Barry W. Hickey

It is great that Barry wants to follow up this issue, and learn more for
himself about these morphological changes.

Two comments:

1. Actually, though, these are not "morphological changes", which would
involve changes to meaning through changes to morphs. Carl refers to
"phonological principles", which is indeed what is under discussion here.

2. Barry (in his initial post) referred to himself as being engaged in a
self-study of koine Greek. Barry, I wish you every success in your work,
which is well worth while. But (if I may be so bold as to offer this
snippet of advice), it would be a more effective use of your available time
if you were simply to accept the existence of the paradigm of GLWSSA as a
third one for the First Declension alongside FWNH and KARDIA (or whichever
other pattern nouns you may be using), and move on to the next stage,
without diving into earlier history of the development of the language.
Just note that GLWSSA follows KARDIA for its nominative and accusative
singular forms, and FWNH for those of the genitive and dative, and by
noting this you should be able to recognize them whenever you come across
them. The plurals, by the way, always the same pattern.

Best wishes,


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