[b-greek] Re: Epi in Mark 2:26

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 20:17:09 EDT

At 4:08 PM -0500 8/23/01, Christopher A Robinson wrote:
>Dear all,
>I have been discussing with someone why I think that the explanation that
>Mark 2:26 could be read as "in the time of Abiathar" is incorrect. It does
>not seem to me that the Greek supports this interpretation. It is true
>that the preposition "epi" could be read as "in the days of." However,
>isn't this only the case if there is the genitive form of the definite
>article in the passage? Without the genitive definite article, doesn't it
>read "At the time Abiathar was high priest"?

Upon what are you basing that restriction to instances with the article? My
understanding is rather that EPI localizes temporally within the limits
indicated by the word or phrase in the genitive; for that reason I really
don't understand the distinction you are suggesting here. So far as I know
the passage in question (Mk 2:26) is the only instance of EPI + gen. in a
temporal sense in the GNT, but LSJ points to plenty of instances of the
collocation with and without the article:

II. of Time, in the time of, e. proterŰn anthrŰpŰn Il.5.637 ,23.332; e.
Kronou Hes.Op.111 ; e. Kekropos, e. Dareiou, etc., Hdt.8.44,6.98, etc.; e.
tŰn triakonta Lys.13.2 ; oligarchia hÍ e. tŰn tetrakosiŰn katastasa
Isoc.8.108 ; e. toutou turanneuontos, e. Leontos basileuontos, e. MÍdŰn
archontŰn, etc., Hdt.1.15,65, 134, etc.; e. tÍs emÍs basileias Isoc.3.32 ;
ep' emeu in my time, Hdt.1.5, 2.46, etc.; hÍ eirÍnÍ hÍ ep' Antalkidou
D.20.54 , cf. X.HG5.1.36; hai ep' Asdrouba genomenai homologiai Plb.3.15.5
; ep' eirÍnÍs in time of peace, Il.2.797, 9.403; ep' emÍs neotÍtos
Ar.Ach.211 (lyr.); e. LachÍtos kai tou proterou polemou Th.6.6 ; ep'
hÍmerÍs hekastÍs v.l. for -Íi -tÍi in Hdt.5.117.
b. later e. deipnou at dinner, Luc.Asin.3; e. tÍs trapezÍs, eph' hekastÍs
kulikos, Plu.Alex.23; e. tÍs kulikos, e. tou potÍriou, Luc.Pisc.34,

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