[b-greek] Re: Fonts in Word

From: William W. Combs (wcombs@dbts.edu)
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 08:40:58 EDT

I use a Mac with Word 98 and also have the problem of bringing Word files
from Windows 97 and 2000 that Mike describes when I am editing our journal.
The Windows Greek and Hebrew fonts do not show up in the Mac Word 98. I have
been able to get around the problem by first bringing them into Word 5.1 for
the Mac. It recognizes the Linguistics Software fonts from Windows just
fine, I believe--maybe there is an occasional problem. Then I bring the 5.1
file into Word 98. I have just upgraded to Word 2001 for the Mac but have
not tried any conversions yet.
Bill Combs
Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

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> If anyone knows of a slick solution for moving between the versions of =
> Word (other than the obvious one of abandoning Word), I'd like to hear =
> about it.
> Mike Holmes
> Bethel College

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