[b-greek] Re: Accents

From: Jeff Smelser (jeffsmelser@ntgreek.net)
Date: Sat Sep 08 2001 - 21:02:22 EDT

Brent Hudson wrote:

> > Before I tell and old tale, I was wondering if the story
> >of the actor Hegelochus mispronouncing GALHN hORW is found in a source
> >somewhere or is it an apocryphal tale kept alive by desparate Greek
> >teachers?

This won't answer your question. It won't document the incident, but it will
at least document the existence of the anecdote. It is related on p. 52 in A
Grammar of New Testament Greek, Vol. II, "Accidence and Word-Formation," by
J. H. Moulton and W. F. Howard:

        We recall the well-known story of the actor Hegelochus, who in
        declaiming a line of Euripides ending with GALHN hORW
        ("I see a calm") pronounced a circumflex instead of an acute,
        and sent the audience into roars of laughter: GALHN hORW
        "I see a weasel."

Jeff Smelser

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