[b-greek] Suggestion for a New NT Course

From: G. Ross (gfross@pacbell.net)
Date: Sun Oct 07 2001 - 03:45:24 EDT

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> On 5 Oct 01, at 15:34, G. Ross wrote:
> > For example, how would a first-century A.D. Greek write Roman names like
> > Caecilius, Metella, Quintus, and Grumio? Kaikilios, Metellh, Kuintos,
> > Grumiw?
> >
> Ah-ha! The Cambridge Latin Course.
> Barbara D. Colt, mailto:babc2@home.com
> St John the Evangelist, San Francisco

Hi, Barbara,

Another San Franciscan, I see. I live near Civic Center.

How did you become familiar with the _Cambridge Latin Course_, if I may ask?
I love it. I think it is an incredibly well-designed set of textbooks.

I only wish that scholars and teachers interested in helping laymen read the
NT could get together and form a committee to produce a set of textbooks
similar to the design of the CLC. The narrative could be about someone who
witnesses the fall of the Second Temple, perhaps a Hellenistic Jew who later
converts to Christianity. That could produce a very exciting narrative.

Any of you out there interested?

Gordon Ross

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