[b-greek] IOUDAIOUS TE KAI hELLHNAS (Rom 3:9)

From: Moon-Ryul Jung (moon@sogang.ac.kr)
Date: Sun Oct 07 2001 - 06:53:10 EDT

About X TE KAI Y, I read the following in the book

TE ... KAI, "just as much as", "not only .. but also".
(The emphatic expression may be either the first or the

This implies that I should translate IOUDAIOUS TE KAI hELLHNAS
in Rom 3:9 as "Jews just as much as Gentiiles" or
"not only Jews but also Gentiles", so that
either "Jews" or "Gentiles" gets emphasis, rather than
a more neutral "Jews and Gentiles" or "Both Jews and Gentiles"

I am experimenting on interpreting the phrase as
"Jews just as much as Gentiles". This is possible if
the first term IOUDAIOUS gets emphasis in IOUDAIOUS TE KAI

Any comments for the explanation of Denniston or for the
application of his grammar of TE?

Moon R. Jung
Sogang Univ,
Seoul, Korea

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