[b-greek] II Corinthians 6:11 -- ANEWiGEN

From: David Thiele (thielogian@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 04:26:02 EST

I have what I'm sure is a very simple question but I
really would appreciate it if someone could clarify it
for me. I was reading II Corinthians the other day
and came across the word ANEWiGEN, which all my
grammatical helps tells me is a Perfect of ANOIGW.

The word had me confused initially. I initially took
it to be an imperfect. Apart from the lengthening of
the diphthong, it is exactly what I would have
expected the imperfect to look like.

Given that ANEWiGEN is a perfect, can someone tell me
what the imperfect form of ANOIGW looks like?

I've searched (as best I can) and cannot find this
form. Does the imperfect form of ANOIGW occur in the
New Testament?

Appreciate the help of someone who knows more Greek
than me.


David Thiele
Pacific Adventist University

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