[b-greek] RE: ENDUW/ENDUOMAI (correction/clarification)

From: Dale M. Wheeler (dalemw@teleport.com)
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 12:39:19 EST

Oops....I got distracted while writing the previous email and forgot to add
one final important note to it, so please forgive the second posting of
this with the addition, which was only hinted at, namely that the reason
that GC has the passive tag even though every one of these occurrences in
clearly Aor Middle is because of the note in BAGD/BDAG that, while the form
is middle, the function is contextually passive for 4x (which is what I was
discussing in the previous post). Now why the middle form is being used
with passive meaning is a whole 'nother question entirely...but not a
totally unexpected occurrence in Greek, I'd say!

I suspect that the original editor of GC, some almost 30 years ago now,
tagged them passive because of that note in BAGD; I added the alternate tag
a few years back to take into account the actual form. I can see now that
for some reason I put the tags in backwards, ie., the formal tag, namely
middle, should have been the first tag and the passive tag, the function
tag, should have been second, the way it is in Col 3:12. I'll correct that
in the next revision of the GC GNT. Sorry about creating all of this

Now, I think that covers it all??

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