[b-greek] RE: ENDUW/ENDUOMAI (correction/clarification)

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 14:40:23 EST

At 11:15 AM -0800 11/1/01, Dale M. Wheeler wrote:
>One of the problems with being the editor of these Morf texts is that at
>times one finds oneself between a rock (the traditional way of
>understanding/tagging things) and a hard place (the actual truth of the
>matter)...so I find myself in these cases. I'm inclined, until the
>entirety of the Greek grammar world changes, to continue to tag forms that
>are **formally** middle in the Aor and Fut as middle, and ones that art
>*formally* passive in the Aor and Fut as passive...and then let the
>interpreters sort it out on their end. This, of course doesn't solve the
>problem of the Pres/Impf/Pf ambiguous forms, but as I indicated in one of
>my previous posts, the best I can do at this point is again to follow the
>standard tools, viz., BAGD/BDAG, for middle "deponent" or passive
>"deponent", and try to figure out the non-standard ones on a case by case
>basis...and again, let the interpreters figure it out for themselves. I
>think GRAMCORD's attempt to be as formal as possible allows the user to
>decide in final analysis, plus gives the researcher the data to be able to
>see patterns of function and meaning based on similar or dissimilar
>forms...sort of like what Carl is currently doing with the "deponents." I
>am in the process of applying this same philosophy to the MorphLXX and the
>results are quite interesting...
>I'm open to suggestions however!!!!

Let me say that if it weren't for the Gramcord database in Accordance, I
would be hard pressed to do the research on voice that I'm now engaged in.
I'm very grateful for the work Dale has done on the Biblical Greek texts
for this invaluable tool--and I'm grateful too that this database dispenses
wholly with the worse-than-useless designation of "middle and passive
deponents." Although I think that there are lots of verb-forms in the GNT
where one might quarrel over whether an MP form is to be interpreted as
"Middle" or "Passive," the data are readily and instantaneously delivered
in intelligible form, and one can see the constructions and validate the
tagger's "almost perfect, if nevertheless human" judgment regarding the
tagging by personal inspection. I think Rod Decker once said (if he didn't,
he should have) that Accordance is worth switching from Windows to
Macintosh for one who works seriously in New Testament studies.

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