[b-greek] RE: 2 Samuel 13:15, LXX

From: Penner (pennerkm@mcmaster.ca)
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 06:52:29 EST

> Mark Wilson wrote:

> When describing Amnon's incestuous relationship with
> his 1/2 sister Tamar, the LXX uses AGAPAW.
> Seems odd to me. Anyone have an explanation for this?

Hath and Redpath show that AGAPAW is by far the most common word for
translating the Hebrew )AHAB, and AGAPH for )AHABAH.
I'm intrigued by the possibility that of all the Greek words for love,
the translators chose the one which sounded most like the Hebrew word.

In any case, this example is the one that persuaded me against thinking
AGAPH is some sort of special "godly" love.

Ken Penner, M.C.S. (Regent College), M.A. (McMaster)
Ph.D. Student, Religious Studies,
Biblical Field (Early Judaism major)
McMaster University
Hamilton, Canada

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