[b-greek] RE: KURIW/KAIROS - Rom 12:11

From: Lloyd (bemaseat2001@yahoo.com.au)
Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 10:57:47 EST

Dear Fellow Greekers,

I have heard that the final three words to Rom 12:11 should be 'better(?)'
translated not "...serve the Lord" (KURIW), but "serve the time" (KAIROS).

The reasoning has me literally dumbfounded with regards to the integrity of
the Canon of Scripture. It was suggested that KURIW was not actually penned
by Paul's 'secretary' physically doing the writing to Paul's 'dictation' but
only the letters (shorthand) "KS". It was suggested that the context of the
verse could only imply service to the Lord, and hence "KS" would be better
KAIROS (translated 'over time' not KURIW (or K URIO S)as it was contextually
obvious anyway.

My question is does anyone know about these 'shorthand abbreviations' to
which my interlinear displays not KS but KURIW?

Yours in Christ

Lloyd Dawson
Townsville, Australia


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