[b-greek] Re: Wenham Exercise 36A-11

From: Hirokatsu Yoshihara (hiro-likeluke@mbd.nifty.com)
Date: Wed Nov 21 2001 - 05:39:43 EST


| MWUSHS and HLEIAS are in fact the subjects; technically I suppose one would
| say the initial subject is MWUSHS and that HLEIAS is added on: "And Moses
| appeared to them--and Elijah too--conversing with him."

Thank you for your response. Is this due to the lack of some
orthographic symbols in the ancient language such as "-" you are using?
Have you ever recognized some other examples that confirm this kind of
phenomena as a general rule or tendency?

| Technically speaking WFQH is indeed passive, but in my view here it ought
| to be understood as a "permissive middle": "allowed himself to be seen" or
| "made himself seen." Of course it is my axe-to-grind that the -QH- forms
| are not necessarily passive but rather a morphoparadigm that is like the
| older aorist middle in -SAMHN or -OMHN and that may be understood as middle
| or passive or intransitive in the same fashion, although the nature of the
| verb used and the context will be decisive in determining whether in a
| particular instance the usage is middle or passive or intransitive.

I see. I understand. Just flipping the pages of some typological
researches, such a morphological similarity among those grammatical
constructions have been pointed out in many languages. This kind of fusion,
so to speak, is often apparent for those verbs like "see" or "think." My
mother tongue, Japanese, is not exceptional. It is interesting to know
that Koine Greek was also not exceptional with that regard. That reminds
me that those who were operating (mostly orally!) such a complicated
language were also human beings and that their language was like one of
ours. Thank you very much for pointing that out.


Hirokatsu Yoshihara <hiro-likeluke@mbd.nifty.com>
Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Baguio City, Philippines
November 21, 2001 (Wed.) 17:05 +08:00

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