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From: Roe (d.roe@t-online.de)
Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 17:57:51 EST

Noel & Mary Fitzpatrick schrieb:
> In Lk 21:19 Bible Windows gives KTHSASQE as aorist imperative
> mid dep 2nd pers plural, while it is given as future middle by
> Robertson (NT Word pict.).
> The imperative is supported by AV, DBY and WEB, while the future
> is supported by BBE, ASV, NRSV, RSV, GWT and VUL.

Hi Noel,

This is a textual problem. Both have substantial support (see below). The
UBS-3 gave it a grade of "D" (its least certain grade), but upgrades this
to a "C" in the UBS-4 (perhaps "Textual Optimism" at work; cf. Kent D.

While the thought flow may be smoother with the indicative future
KTHSESQE, Metzger remarks that the aorist imperative KTHSASQE "seems to be
slightly preferable, for copyists would have perhaps been likely to
conform it to the future tense, used several times in the preceding

Warm regards,

[textual support below signiture, from NA-27, UBS-3, Swanson]

D.W. Roe
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Luke 21:19 with KTHSASQE

[Aleph] Sinaiticus 4th C.
   D Bezae 5/6th C.
   K 9th C.
   L 8th C.
   W 5th C. (NA-27 4-5)
   X 10th C.
[Delta] 9th C.
 [Pi] 9th C.
[Psi] 8-10th C. (NA-27 9-10; UBS 8-9)
 063 9th C.
family 1 (refers generally to the following manuscripts without requiring
the reading in each individual manuscript -- Swanson shows a KTHSESQE
reading for MS 1 !)
              1 (renamed 2814) 12th C.
             118 13th C.
             131 14th C.
             209 14th C.
            1582 948
            et al.

 565 9th C.
 700 11th C.
 892 9th C.
1009 13th C.
1010 12th C.
1071 12th C.
1079 10th C.
1216 11th C.
1230 1124
1241 12th C.
1242 13th C.
1344 12th C.
1365 12th C.
1546 1263?
1646 1172
2148 1337
2174 14th C.

Byz. ('majority text')

Old Latin
It. d 5-6 th C.
It. i 5th C.

Bohairic Coptic (part)

Basil ca. 379
Apostolic Canons 4th C.
Macarius, Magnes ca. 400
Cyril, of Alexandria ca. 444

Luke 21:19 with KTHSESQE

A Alexandrinus 5th C.
B Vaticanus 4th C.
[Theta] 9th C.
[Omega] 9th C.

family 13 (refers generally to the following without requiring the
reading in each individual manuscript)
              13 13th C.
              69 15th C.
             124 11th C.
             174 1052
             230 1013
             346 12th C.
             543 12th C.
             788 11th C.
             826 12th C.
             828 12th C.
             983 12th C.
            1689 1200?
            1709 12th C.
            et al.

  33 9th C.
1195 1123
1253 15th C.
1346 10-11th C.

Old Latin
It. a 4th C.
It. e 5th
It. f 6th
It. ff2 5th C.
It. l 7-8th C.
It. q 7th C.
It. r1 7th C.
It. s 5th C.


Syriac (excepting Philoxenian)

Sahidic Coptic
Bohairic Coptic (part)




Marcion 2nd C.
Tertullian ca. 220
Origen ca. 254
Macarius, Magnes ca. 400

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