[b-greek] Interlinear Bibles

From: Robin Adamo (radamo@wt.net)
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 23:26:54 EST

Hello - I am new to this list. I have a very simple question, and was
referred to this group. If my question is not appropriate for the focus
of this group, please let me know (and accept my apologies).

My husband wishes to begin studying New Testament Greek. For Christmas,
he has asked for an Interlinear Bible and accompanying study aides. I'm
at a loss, really, as to what I should purchase. All I know is that he
doesn't want computer software (he has an eye problem which makes it more
difficult for him to read computer screens than the printed page).

If I had to place my order today, I would purchase Marshall's NASB-NIV
Interlinear, only because it seems so popular. I am concerned about the
print size, though. My husband has seen Green's KJV Interlinear and liked
it quite a bit. Right now, we do not have a clear enough understanding of
the differences between textual criticisms to possess a preference so the
most important criteria (to me) would be ease of use by the beginner (a
little hand holding would be nice), plenty of helpful ancilliary
information, and easy to read typeface.

I am also wondering what other aides would be most profitable. We have a
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. I am considering Metzgers Commentary,
and perhaps a good dictionary and/or word study reference. And, of
course, he will need something to help him begin his study of the Greek
language, which is probably where most of you can help the most.

Thank you for reading this lengthy note. I will appreciate any input.

Robin Adamo

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