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Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 16:39:18 EST

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msawilowsky@bryanisd.org writes:

>Is the study of Greek designed to equip the student with tools to help him
>study the Bible?( ie You can translate a passage with the help of a
>lexicon and other tools) Or is the purpose to put the student on the road
>to being able to sit down, basically unassisted and read from the Greek?
>Is there other options? And how much time must be invested by on
>"average" student to be fluent enough to do both?

If you are properly studying Greek, you should soon be able to sit down and
write an advanced grammar and compose an exhaustive lexicon.

:-) Now. Let me have an hour or two to extricate my tongue from my cheek.

I think most (perhaps all, but you'd need to ask the experts - such as the
chairs) never advance beyond the point where there is a fairly frequent
reference to both grammars and lexica. There are always nuances to words
which need to be examined. There are always constructions which may need to
be reconsidered. It is possible to sit down and read a passage through
without the use of these aids, but that tends to be rather surface. I like
to take my NA to church and follow along in the reading of the Gospel and
Epistle. This, however, is not really a very deep understanding of the
passage. Then again, perhaps we don't really need a "deep" understanding of
a passage. I'm fairly certain that the first readers of these writings would
not have analyzed them to death. The problem is that we come to them from a
considerable distance in time and in world-view. Sometimes it's not apparent
what was meant then. The thing that I would suggest should be avoided is TO

As another contributor on another list (maybe this one too) likes to say,
"Just my 2 cents."


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