[b-greek] Re: Writing materials

From: Noel Fitzpatrick (njfitzpatrick@eircom.net)
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 13:53:28 EST

Matt Farrell asks for information regarding the materials used in ink
production in the Greco-Roman world. Jerome Murphy-O'Connor
(in 'Paul the Letter Writer', The Liturgical Press, Collegeville,
Minnesota, 1995, 5) noted that "the standard ink was jet black. The
essential ingredient for this was soot, the carbon deposit scraped
from the inside of a chimney. It was suspended in a solution of gum
water in a metal or ceramic holder". Jerome Murphy-O'Connor
references R. J. Forbes ('Studies in Ancient Technology', Vol. 3,
Brill, Leiden, 1955, 228).

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