[b-greek] Re: rough breathing, KOINE

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Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 15:54:59 EST

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mikusa@hotmail.com writes:

Those in my Greek class who pay special attention to accents are reading
Greek better than anyone (including my professors, who don't emphasize
it!). In fact, those who pronounce every word exactly (accent, breathing
etc.) are doing Greek better than anyone in reading, writing, diagramming,
translating, comprehension - basically everything. It sticks in the mind
better. My humble opinion.

I happen to prefer to pronounce it in more of an Erasmian fashion myself
since in that way I can remember what I am attempting to enter in my computer
more readily. I wonder, however, how much of this excellence by those
observing these conventions is due to the fact that they might tend to be
more observant and, of themselves, more excellent than others who fail to
observe them. Before anyone gets upset, I'm not saying that those who don't
observe the Erasmian conventions are less able. They may simply choose to
not observe them for whatever reason. I'm speaking of those who choose to
observe the conventions as opposed to those who give it no thought to begin


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