[b-greek] transliteration

From: dave willis (dwillis@stx.rr.com)
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 16:10:38 EST

On Thu, 28 Mar 2002, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> I repeat that, in my own view, transliterating the Greek one cites or
> raises questions about or comments upon is a matter of courtesy to
> other list-members. I personally think that pasting from a Greek text
> into ASCII equivalents in a message implies either an expectation that
> the reader has the same font in one's own operating system or that one
> doesn't care whether others can readily read that text or not. I would
> personally rather see an authentically-transliterated text in a
> message than a pasted text, and I tend, like George Somsel, to ignore
> a text that doesn't use SOME intelligible transliteration scheme.

first, in response to someones suggestion about unicode: NO!
i use pine for email on linux because it's easy to organize and much
easier on the eyes to read. i could probably add unicode support to pine,
but those fancy scripts look horrible on a console (if you don't know what
i'm talking about, remember what a dos screen looks like, only better).

now, i would never copy and paste text with a greek script because *i*
couldn't read it if i did, and the unicode ones i have come out like this:

  ???? ?? ????????? ??? ????? ??? ????? ?????? ?? ?? ???????? ?????? ?
  ????????? ???????

yes, all i see are question marks as well. it seems that this big stink
on transliteration comes from me not actually coping and pasting, but from
mentioning that i did, because i knew it wasn't the usual format.
however, i did copy and paste from a transliterated text (that's the only
way i could do it anyway) that fits the transliteration scheme found at
http://unbound.biola.edu and other places as well. in fact, the only
difference is that it uses lowercase letters and 'v' for final sigma.
i don't see how anyone here could find that unintelligible.

nevertheless, i've now created b-greek texts in all caps with no
difference from medial and final sigma (but without {h} and {i}) from
which i can copy and paste (which i won't mention when i do it).

-dave willis

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