Section A. Structure and Specialized Characters:
I. The Plant

[A. Plant Parts] [B. Plant Types]

A. Plant Parts

Bud. Immature vegetative or floral shoot or both, often covered by scales.
Flower. Reproductive structure of flowering plants with or without protective envelopes, the calyx and/or corolla; short shoot with sporophylls and with or without sterile protective leaves, the calyx and corolla.
Fruit. Matured ovary of flowering plants, with or without accessory Parts.
Leaf. A photosynthetic and transpiring organ, usually developed from leaf primordium in the bud; an expanded, usually green, organ borne on the stem of a plant.
Root. An absorbing and anchoring organ, usually initially developed from the radicle and growing downward.
Seed. Matured ovule of seed plants.
Stem. A supporting and conducting organ usually developed initially from the epicotyl and growing upward.

B. Plant Types
(Classification based on habit)

Herb. A usually low, soft, or coarse plant with annual aboveground stems.
Shrub. A much-branched woody perennial plant usually without a single trunk.
Tree. A tall, woody perennial plant usually with a single trunk.
Vine or Liana. An elongate, weak-stemmed, often climbing annual or perennial plant, with herbaceous or woody texture.