Section B. General Characters and Character States:
VI. Pollination and Fertilization

[A. Pollination Types] [B. Pollination Pathways] [C. Fertilization Types] [D. Fertilization Pathways]

A. Pollination Types
(Classification based on agent by which pollen is transferred from the pollen sac or anther to the stigma or ovule)

Anemophily. Pollinated by wind.
Anthropophily. Pollinated by man.
Cantharophily. Pollinated by beetles.
Cheiropterophily. Pollinated by bats.
Entomophily. Pollinated by insects.
Hydrophily. Pollinated by water.
Hymenopterophily. Pollinated by bees.
Malacophily. Pollinated by snails or slugs.
Melittophily. Pollinated by bees.
Micromelittophily. Pollinated by small bees.
Myiophily. Pollinated by diptera.
Myrmecophily. Pollinated by ants.
Necrocoleopterophily. Pollinated by carrion beetles.
Ornithophily. Pollinated by birds.
Phalaenophily. Pollinated by moths.
Psychophily. Pollinated by butterflies.
Sapromyiophily. Pollinated by carrion or dung flies.
Sphingophily. Pollinated by hawk moths and nocturnal lepidoptera.

B. Pollination Pathways
(Structural route that the pollen tube traverses in reaching the ovule)

Chasmantheric Pollination. Pollen transferred from a normally dehisced anther by a pollinating agent with pollen grain germination on the stigma and subsequent growth of the pollen tube through stigma, style and the ovule into the embryo sac.
Cleistantheric Pollination. Pollen not transferred from a normally dehisced anther by a pollinating agent; pollen grain germinates within the anther with subsequent growth of the pollen tube through the anther wall and ovary wall into the ovule and embryo sac.

C. Fertilization Types
(Refers usually to sources of male gametes in pollen parent)

Allogamy or Xenogamy. Cross-fertilization in plants.
Allautogamy. Cross- and self-fertilization in same plant, as in Viola.
Autogamy. Self-fertilization in a single flower.
Geitonogamy. Fertilization of one flower by another on the same plant.

D. Fertilization Pathways
(Classification based on place of entrance of pollen tube into ovule)

Chalazogamy. Pollen tube entrance through chalaza.
Pleurogamy. Pollen tube entrance through side of ovule.
Porogamy. Pollen tube entrance through the micropyle.