Section B. General Characters and Character States:
XI. Color

[A. Standardized Colors] [B. Distribution of Colors]

A. Standardized Colors

Use standardized color charts, such as the Ridgeway for solid color descriptions.

B. Distribution of Colors (Variegation)
(Patterns of color variegation on an organ or parts. Adapted from Lindley [1848])

Banded. Transverse stripes of one color crossing another.
Blotched. The color disposed in broad, irregular blotches.
Bordered. One color is surrounded by an edging of another.
Clouded. Colors are unequally blended together.
Discoidal. A single large spot of color in the center of another.
Dotted. The color disposed in very small round spots.
Edged. One color is surrounded by a very narrow rim of another.
Marbled. A surface traversed by irregular veins of color; as block of marble often is.
Ocellated. A broad spot of some color has another spot of a different color within it.
Painted. Colors disposed in streaks of unequal intensity.
Spotted. The color disposed in small spots.
Striped. Longitudinal stripes of one color crossing another.
Tessellated. Color arranged in small squares, so as to have some resemblance to a checkered pavement.
Variegated. The color disposed in various irregular, sinuous, spaces.
Zoned. The same as ocellated, but the concentric bands more numerous.