The Origin and Growth of Village Communities in India

By Baden Henry Baden-Powell, M.A., C.I.E. (1841–1901)


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – General History of the Question of Indian Village Origins

Chapter 2 – Explanation of Terms – “Village” – “the Tribe or Clan in India” – “Revenue-Settlement”

Chapter 3 – The Evidence Regarding Villages Before and After 1870

Chapter 4 – General View of the Agricultural Races of India

Chapter 5 – The Indian Village as it is – the “Severalty” Village – the “Joint” Village

Chapter 6 – The Theory Regarding Indian Villages Examined

Chapter 7 – Ideas of “Property” or “Ownership”

Chapter 8 – Some Practical Aspects of Village Institutions

Appendix 1 – Vestiges of Co-shared (Joint) Villages in the South and West

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