Akbar and the Rise of the Mughal Empire

by Colonel G. B. Malleson, C.S.I.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Argument

Chapter 2 – The Family and Early Days of Babar

Chapter 3 – Babar Conquers Kabul

Chapter 4 – Babar’s Invasions of India

Chapter 5 – The Position of Babar in Hindustan

Chapter 6 – Humayun and the Early Days of Akbar

Chapter 7 – Humayun Invades India – His death

Chapter 8 – Akbar’s Fight for his Father’s Throne

Chapter 9 – General Condition of India in the Middle of the Sixteenth Century

Chapter 10 – The Tutelage under Bairam Khan

Chapter 11 – Chronicle of the reign

Chapter 12 – The Principles and Internal Administration of Akbar


This collection transcribed by Chris Gage
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