The Tiger Triumphs

The Story of Three Great Divisions in Italy

Published by His Majesty’s Stationery Office for the Government of India


Table of Contents


Part One – The Lower Adriatic

Chapter 1 – The New Campaign

Chapter 2 – Eighth Division Advances

Chapter 3 – Mozzagrogna and Villa Grande

Chapter 4 – Winter and Spring

Part two – Cassino – The Epic

Chapter 5 – The First Assault Fails

Chapter 6 – The Second Assault Fails

Chapter 7 – Eighth Division Punches the Hole

Part Three – Central Italy

Chapter 8 – Eighth Division in Pursuit

Chapter 9 – Tenth Division in the Tiber Valley

Chapter 10 – Fourth Division in the Arno Valley

Chapter 11 – Eighth Division Clears Florence

Part Four – The Gothic Line

Chapter 12 – The Enemy at Bay

Chapter 13 – Fourth Division Opens the Battle

Chapter 14 – Gurkha Lorried Brigade Enters the Fray

Chapter 15 – Tenth Indian Division on the Gothic Line

Chapter 16 – Eighth Division – Fifth Army’s Flying Squad

Part Five – The Last Campaign

Chapter 17 – The Floodbanked Rivers

Chapter 18 – Tenth Division Clears the Way

Chapter 19 – Eighth Division Punches the Hole Again

Chapter 20 – The Last Phase

Chapter 21 – Macedonia and the Julian Marches


Maps and Diagrams

Indian Battlefields in Italy

Lower Adriatic Sector

Monastery Hill Massif and Cassino Town

Eighth Indian Division in Pursuit

Gothic Line Battlefield in the High Apennines

The Break-Through on the River Lines

This collection transcribed by Chris Gage
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