Local Resources

Sonic Boom Music Check the forum on their site, streamed audio from their djs, responsible for many events in the area.

Carolina Spins GREAT resource, great calendar listing for whats going on in NC/SC/GA area.

Gotham Wednesday's Nights RADIANCE has been a fixture for a few years now. Check out the photos, you might see someone you know.

NV New club on Rosemary St! 6 days of electronic music!

Club Oxygen Raleigh's DNB sound rinsin'! Announced Rotating Residents: Bailey, Loxy, J Majik.

Online Places to Buy Records

www.yoshitoshi.com - out of DC. Generally good about getting samples online, although they're slack alot of times about getting new stuff up quickly. Good source for domestic house.

www.plasticfantastic.co.uk - Yes, they're in the UK. They also have an amazing selection of promo stuff. The pound is currently down against the dollar, and shipping is cheap. No tax either. All these factors = import records at domestic prices, generally even with shipping.

www.hooj.com - same deal as above.

www.611records.com - out of philly. Good selection of stuff that I haven't really seen up elsewhere. Smaller labels and whatnot.

www.htfr.co.uk They dont have ways to check out samples of the music before you buy, but they have a huge selection (although a lot of it tends to be out of stock). 

In the new issue of BPM there are a few reviews of more popular online vinyl shops.  *Courtesy of Tim Christensen*
Satellite Records
Domestic : $6.00
Import : $10.00
Sale : $4.00
Gear : Yes
Normal Delivery Time : 10-14 Days
Notes : Satellite seems to be the most used by
online shoppers.  They offer a very wide selection, all with audio
links.  Their discount bin is extensive and their prices are very
good.  The only things that seems to be bothersome is their delivery
Planet X
Domestic : $6.00
Import : $10.00
Sale : $4.00
Gear : Yes
Normal Delivery Time : 5 Days
Notes : Planet X is one of the easiest sites to
use.  They seem to have one of the best delivery times and their audio is
crystal clear.  They boast an average of 4 minutes of listening time per
record.  The only draw back is that some records don't have audio links and
there are a lot of out of stock items.  However, they are very efficient
and should not be taken lightly.
Domestic : $6.00
Import : $9.50
Sale : N/A
Gear : Yes
Normal Delivery Time : Next day batch and send
(whatever the fuck that means)
Notes : Groovetech is the prettiest of all the
sites.  They have an extensive library of vinyl, complete with audio
samples and pictures of the record sleeves.  This helps you avoid double
ordering what you already have.  They can even send you a weekly email
about new releases.  Groovetech is definately a top competitor in the
online shopping world.
Dance Tracks
Domestic : $6.99
Import : $10.99
Sale : N/A
Gear : Yes
Normal Delivery Time : 5 Days
Notes : Dance Tracks was voted best underground
store by Billboard, meaning that if your in NY you're in for a treat.  The
online store seems to uphold their standard of excellence.  Their search is
a little shaky, but their selection is wide.  Their shipping time is good
and the site is easy to maneuver through as well.
United Records
Domestic : $7.00
Import : $10.00
Sale : N/A
Gear : Yes
Normal Delivery Time : Next day batch and
Notes : United Records is located in San Diego,
making it the fastest delivery to SoCal.  Their audio samples are very long
and their search is wide.